Security: Shopping with Confidence takes security very seriously.

In some areas of this website we ask you to send us data that needs to be kept secure - credit card payments for any Yoshimura products, for example. This Web site has chosen one or more 128-bit SSL Certificate or online payment solutions to improve the security of e-commerce and other confidential communication. The pages that ask for this data should come to you through our secure server, and will have our secure padlock (on the bottom right). You can check you are viewing the page through our secure server by looking in your browser's address bar - the address should start


Cookies and The Shopping Cart

The shopping cart (used only for buying Yoshimura products) requires that your computer has cookies enabled. Cookies are small chunks of data that are stored on your computer that allow the website to remember information between pages.

Cookies are only used in the shopping cart and login - nowhere else on the Yoshimura site. The shopping cart cookies store your name, address, contact details, and chosen products - NO financial data is stored. If you do not allow cookies or your network administrator has disabled them, you will not be able to use the shopping cart, please see other ways of ordering.

Cookies from the shopping cart are automatically deleted from your computer at the end of your browser session. If you are concerned about the contents of the cookies, please close all your browser windows before leaving the site. This will delete the data they hold. You can also delete all Yoshimura cookies by clicking the 'empty shopping cart' button on the shopping cart page. All cookies are automatically deleted when you complete your order.